Adam Stine

Adam Stine

Wealth Manager

As a partner at Nine Pillars, I have helped clients grow and preserve their wealth, since 2013. Together we will form a customized plan that focuses on growing your investments, create sustainable retirement income strategies, and protect the resources you have built throughout your life.

With a degree in psychology from Greenville College, I leverage my understanding of human emotions, to guide clients through the ups and downs of both life and markets, so that you can focus on the people and causes that you cherish most.

When I am away from the office, I am spending time with my wife Camilla, and our daughter Navy. After 16 years of happiness together, Camilla and I welcomed Navy, and she has become the delight of our life, bringing excitement and often unpredictability, to each day.

I am a devoted member of my church and am passionate about helping the community. In 2015, I started a community focused organization that connects volunteers with non-profit organizations in the Chippewa Valley. Since that year, our group has contributed over 250 volunteer hours annually to various local, non-profit organizations.